An irrepressible value that characterizes the spiritual personality who knows his duty to advance the program on which he has been called. A called spirit is such, when his aristocracy, in the many aspects which characterizes it, leads him to sacrifice with diligence, wisdom, intuition, cunning, humility, obedience to do what is called to develop and, therefore, to say what he really doesn’t like to say and to do what he doesn’t  like to do, and to go where he would never go, never preferring his own will to the Celestial force which guides, protects and programs to make him their own tool and available to their wishes.
Someone can be responsible only when he is aware of being an integral part of a great heavenly mechanism, which is the Creation, in close communion with God, to occupy altruistically his place, thinking and caring of his neighbor with spirit, soul and body.

The true man with uppercase H, is that who, in symbiosis with the Sun Light, knows his duty and not to ask for anything in return, knowing that the boss of the vineyard is not expecting the Saturday to give each one their just mercy. Men are not the ones who favor programs and make favors to the sky, is the sky which "owns", depending on its well precisely choice; that the "responsible” and cautious man is suitable so that he doesn’t betray the high recognition that has been given, being aware of being necessary to the creative economy, but never, never, indispensable to the celestial wishes. –

- God, the strength moves me
-Christ, indispensable to
-Jesus, required to reach the man and to bring the Cosmic Law

The reborn in the light of the Father
FIlippo Bongiovanni