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September 11th 2001, September 11th 2011, my testimony!

I had entered as a civil technical at the militar display of Sigonella, the N. A. T. O. base that is located in Sicilia at the SR-CT zone under command of the military aeronautics of the 41° antisom Group in 1994 and that remained until the year 2005.  The North Americans occupy the west side of the militar installation commonly briefly named as NAS Sigonella or NASSIG owing to the USA Army.
On that day I was giving regularly service at the provision hangar under the command “Weapons”. It is almost 14:50, when suddenly I receive the peremptory order of closing the tank and make myself available to the P.M. (MILITARY POLICEC) of the U.S. ARMY. “I don´t understand”…!!!  I exclame to my partner of USA….! and he says "Look at the entrance, it never or almost never has happened something like this, except on 1985 when the landing of the aircraft of the terrorist “Abu Abbas” took place, in the subject “Achilles Laurel” .
I am still shocked, the great automatic door closes and I see the military brigades who preside the entry skipping to their places. I run inwards in the office, and automatically by intuition I turn on the Satellite T. V., always with me the U. S. A.  colleague, we are still more horrified that at the beginning: WE ARE WITNESSING THE ACCIDENT OF THE SECOND PLANE ON ONE OF THE TWO TOWERS…!!
And cries out "But what the hell is happening ...? Is it a informatics maneuver on the Twin Towers!??”. . . We didn´t  realize anything in these first moments...! Then the cold shower! The first phone call from the general command of the database: IT IS OFFICIAL; THEY HAVE ATTACKED THE US THROUGH THE TWIN TOWERS… A TERRORIST ATTACK...! Maybe ... "! WE'RE constantly ATTACHED TO THE T. V. Also because we cannot go anywhere within the base is all stationary and nobody moves ... the hypothesis of the enormous tragedy in U. S. A increasingly takes body. ... THE SECOND PHONE CALL, MY MOTHER "ARE YOU WATCHING THE T. V . . . !? HAVE YOU SEEN...!? IT SEEMS OFFICIAL IS AN ATTACK TO THE UNITED STATES..! WHAT SHOULD YOUR FATHER HAVE SAID…!!? HOW WOULD HE HAVE REACTED...? "- AND I SAY "YES' MOTHER, I AM HERE I HAVE SEEN ...!
My father isn’t anymore; he died six months before, that tragic event. He was an inveterate pro American; he lived at the time of the war always with the thought of the Americans as liberators of the peoples. I have the memory of a particular experience that told me, both my grandfather and him. When the allies joining in the sicilian countries, were raking and going over house by house, to find everything that should be suitable for them and to identify enemies hidden soldiers. When he had such confirmation, this led him to modify the visible picture as "fascist" which was from my grandfather, and which was at the entrance of his home. He exchanged with extreme masters all the "fascists" symbols, and where affected, by the American star. When the British joining in his house, they did not realize anything and seeing the picture of the man with the American currency they were congratulated by the choice of that relative.
The language helped much not be understood among themselves and thus vanished the fear...! I have between my family memories that picture...
Returning to our testimony, after the telephone conversation with my mother, a mini bus has transported us within the base and we stayed until 9:00 PM waiting to be able to return home. In the long stay within the base, having the contacts with the outside world been cutted off, I tried to call EUGENIO, from a telephone booth, inside the base...!
And he said to me: "FILIPPO ... ONE OF THE THREE “6" ... " The false prophet ...! IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF TIMES...!! "It is true that was the day that the world changed, as someone has said, and the day who must understand begins to have a clear idea as how these events developed: "WATERGATE" UNDER NIXON, THE "CONTRAS" UNDER THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION, THE MURKY AFFAIRS OF "SADDAM HUSSEIN" ALWAYS UNDER THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION, AND THE "BIN LADEN" FAMILY WITH THE "BUSH FAMILY".
American public opinion and the world in general agree and say as well as the title of the documentary, which I invite you to see on Rai3 "a history built in images and interviews all new, collected by Andrea Salvadore in a searching of more than six months duration. You will cry (and laugh too) in two hours of original film that reconstructs and builds past and future, proving to be tense the thread of only one question, "Where was God that day?
A direct witness of this tragic day presents the film of Giovanni Floris…And finally I attach a video with subtitles in Spanish as how some "american veterans” considered themselves and how they see their own country ...!
This is my testimony on the September 11, 2001... !
The witness of the eternal Present
Filippo Bongiovanni

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It has been said: "God has abandon us”
Really is man who has abandoned God.
It is Man who has put against God, against his Laws of Life and Truth.
God always has impelled man to repent of the mistake, by the obstinate perseverance on damaging evil of the moral and spiritual dissolution and the degenerate instinct of the beast, cause of pains, of injustices, of hunger and destruction.
God has invited man to maintain integral his image and likeness, inviting men to respect what He has entrusted to be Divine constructor, the one who fecundate peace, happiness for the living in His Creative Light. Man, instead, has been stubborn on removing what Divine wisdom and knowledge has linked for the harmonic becoming of every thing which is destined to be and feed the Tree of Heaven.
Perverse is who retorts God when He reprehends and punishes. His love is also big when justice sets above love.

From Heaven to Earth
November 27 Th, 1980 9, 45 h
Eugenio Siragusa

From God to men
From God to men: "There’s nothing I can do if you continue to ignore who you are”. That day in which you can hear Mi real presence on you, your pains will finish, because you’ll finally understand mi living Nature in the immutable and Eternal Law of all what is created and not created and which is part of  Myself, of my Eternal Becoming. That day you will rejoice on huge happiness, because you’ll have become conscious of Me and will have understood that all of you are part of Myself, of my Eternal and Divine Love. I have left you in the darkness of your days but you must know: my patience is big and your salvation certain.
I’ll put you under more proof, but I will submit you to the Supreme Knowledge of my Truth which is inside of you.

The Announcer
Eugenio Siragusa
Catania, November 1st 1971

¿Who is God?
You have asked yourselves, at least once in your life, ¿Who is God and if it is really possible to know Him? I tell you, really: It is possible to know who is God
It is possible to know Him, to possess Him and to be possessed by Him. God, in his really Nature, is simple and pure, as an infant, and he loves playing and love such as a child loves and play with his toys. God as you’ve always imagined Him, doesn’t exist. He is light of love, justice, harmony that permeates everything because everything is Himself, who in power possesses these virtues.
If in one God Being is conscious, that being can speak of God in first person, because is God who expresses in him. In this case, the Being is conscious of God and possesses him and God possesses him. God is the supreme intelligence of the created and is also the same created en all his Manifestations.
God has the right, inevitable, of possessing all what he wants, because he owes them, because they are part of him. Nothing created could ever say not to be light of his light, flesh of his flesh; no one could say this, Never! You are that ones that can know him, if you want to know him as he is and you are always yourselves who if want, ignore his really Nature and know him as he really is not.
It’s up to you to make him good. It’s up to you make him not good. His nature is to be Good, Loving, Fair, Charitable, and Sweet as a child. You are the ones who educate God in you. You are the ones who can, only if you want to, to possess Him as he is for your happiness.

Eugenio Siragusa
24 junio 1973

From God to Man
I will submit you under proof until you are convinced of my right to be loved according to the law of Truth that is the Light of Justice, peace and fraternal Universal Good. I will tempt you and will consume you in pain until the day you are to my presence, purified and aware of being part of me. I will reprehend you with my Justice, until you know that I love you and I want to live in you on joy of meat and of spirit. When you are suffering, I also suffer and I hope to see the light of your eyes immersed in the aura of my eternal happiness. My time is eternity: You are eternal! You cannot die, even you wish so. That is why one day or another you will convince yourselves!

Eugenio Siragusa
17 febrero 1971 horas 11,40

¡Dios es justo!
Don't expect wide tolerance of him who has escaped from the chaff you who sowed coated with them. If, after having taken knowledge of the error, you allow yourselves to resume by it, do not think it will be so easy to gain greater forgiveness. A fair may not be weak. God is righteous!
You, therefore, know fully awareness what I say unto you, because it is True. It is true that you must learn to be, if you want to definitely be free you from slavery chaff that tie you and plague you. YOU MUST strive to be "in his image and likeness": it has been said and written. If you have accepted the grace of God, in order to be freed from temptations and high above the trials and tribulations that you errors have sought, remain worthy and grateful of the well that Benignly, has been awarded you with an act of his good will not fall back to errors. It has been said: "to err is human, and to persevere is diabolical". Do not be demonized, but meek and good and persevering in the wishes of the most high, so, if you are, you will be able to be as he is: fair.
Peace in your hearts.

The Comforter
Nicolosi, December 25 Th 1977 13 hs

If you are in peace with God, do not fear!
Do not fear if you love his Justice! Do not fear if you love his law of Love and Peace! Do not fear if you love everything that He loves. You must fear if you are not in peace with God and with his Divine and Eternal Harmony: You must fear! Remind, always remind. He collects and punishes those who he loves most. Each test is a tangible sign of his love, if you are aware, the takeoffs because it is not possible to replicate Him on any act of his will. Have Devotion and Respect with total Obedience His Infallible and Trial necessary for salvation of everything that makes part of himself, and that he loves. Do not be afraid! If you are in peace with God: do not be afraid!

The Announcer
Eugenio Siragusa
Catania, November 2nd,  1971 14,30 hs.