Truth mustn't be sold and neither be bought...Quality not quantity...Blessed all who believe without see and without touch

TO the inhabitants of the planet Earth
"Inhabitants of the planet Earth, do not expect that to the powerful of the temporal and political domain give you knowledge about who we are, where we come from and why we visit your planet'. The temporal and political power  fear the Truth and, as occurred at approximately 2000 years ago, they  ridicule, they mask, so that it stays strong ignorance on the knowledge that could make free, but really free, the man. Do not expect anything even of the means of communication or those who hold the informational power; they also are part of the conspiracy of silence, with very clear orders to discredit and distort the valid and numerous testimonies, past and present, of our presence in your planet ... Our mission obey  to the Supreme Omnicreative Law
of the Glorious Father who is in heaven and our behaviors are not motivated by any
imperative force. We have only the permission to give them the real truth of those who are called "The Lord God, God" and warn them that the time that he had booked has come. Know that your infallible justice is slowly, but inexorably for all those who disobey his laws ...”
Eugenio Siragusa
Message to the powerful people of the Earth
Scientists, rulers!
To our regret, we must once again, and necessarily, warn you that in the case that you will continue to carry out the crazy designs that you have set about the nuclear experiments nothing can be done to avoid that your world suffers a severe hit of disastrous and deadly nature. If you want that this your planet will not immerse once again in the painful dip of a remote time, you must, in the most efficient and decisive way, dismount forever your unjustifiable crazy and threatening nuclear experiments. If we have proposed to monitor your destination, it is because we have fed and even now support a great confidence in your future. Doing and acting as you proceed, you are causing serious impediments to your positive intentions Be sure that if you find the strength and courage to build a solid union between all the peoples of the earth and destroy completely all the destructive weapons that even today, more than ever, make you proudly bad  and morbidly aggressive, we will be authorized, by the love that unites us to you from the origins of the solar system to bring us closer without any reservation, to provide you with the knowledge and a better science that will lead to all of humanity from your land a serene life, rich in happiness, in true freedom and infinite prosperity. Acting as you do, you arouse us, furthermore than difficulties, a great disappointment and bitterness. You could be truly free and, like us, masters of the universe and its eternal beauty, you could be free to rejoice loving without suffering and without ailing.
You might, in the end, return your eyes full of hope and love, blessed serenity and spiritual sweetness, towards the living image of the One who is always the eternal Creator of All.  Why abdicating to so much peace and happiness? Why do you want, at any cost, to destruct yourself in such a terrible way, reneging in only one moment your historical evolutionary work?
This message, which we have issued with great love, although with equal concern, is one of the more heartfelt invitations, owed to the gravity of the facts that you intend to perform, we have done a lot and we will continue to do everything possible to avoid the worst.
But in the case that you, rulers and men of science, choose the worst, we will have no other mission than to lead outside the irremediable disaster only to those who have recognized and understood us, and that they have loved their neighbor as we love them.
Therefore be awake and be responsible if you want to survive. Do not become useless the heavenly forgiveness that brought you Jesus Christ by the grace of the Father and Creator.
Eugenio Siragusa
Manfré Mount, ETNA - April 30, 1962 At 22:15 Hours

Rulers, scientists, religious
and Culture men of the Earth!

"To this time, through the same way, we had granted a precise, unambiguous, warning on the danger that impends on the survival of the humaneness because of the proliferation of the nuclear centrals and which dress again similar characteristics.
We know blusterers as well as weeks will continue to ignore our warning, always accelerating more a conditioning selfish and harmful aiming which prefers instead of people’s survival the ephemeral interest of the power of deadly riches.
You want to believe that the business successes there had given the exact and the best comprehension than you could audit in a next foreseeable future. If you will continue in these crazy chart, ignoring the serious risk to which you are going with this fool conscience.
It is good that you know that your planet very early will suffer serious geo-dynamic convulsions of notable course and with dicey consequences that will concern, particularly, a very vast trouble of the surface of the Earth’s continents. The anticipated straightening of the Magnetic Axis of your planet will be the principal cause of this trouble.
The buildings of the central nuclear would come, fatally, destroyed and with them, all those tools with nuclear deterrents apparently sure and well covered.
The consequent liberation of the deadly flickers, would not leave the least possibility of survival on your planet for many millenniums.
We believe that we have done our duty indicating you the forecasts, because we know similar events happened on other inhabited planets which were governed by the science without conscience, like it happens on your planet.
We have a precise good plan in order to seta number of persons of both the sexes in safety to a  better destine, if you don’t change.
By the moment, we could not report anything else.
What happened, happens and will happen, maybe will keep you fully awaken to strive and make a seriously reflection, to deduce and determine. The choice is up to you".
Woodok from the "Cristal-Bell"
June 11, 1979 At 20:00
Eugenio Siragusa

We confirm again!
Woodok and the brothers from the Cristal-Bell greet you
!Our mission on your planet contemplates, mainly, to watch over the scientific nuclear regression always blowing strongly by the natural evolution of the geoid and, consequently, for the stability of the solar system to which the Earth belongs. We would have wanted to help you also to resolve the old problems that trouble your impermanent existence, but we notice the cold and adverse indifference that there animates. We don't want, we cannot, impose you to collaborate, to accept our legitimate counsels and our forecasts on the foreseeable future that waits you there if you continue the path on this madman, but we cannot, remain passive and inert in front of your increasing destructive able ambition to transform your planet in a pestiferous globe, emanating deadly energy, disintegrating, in all the space of the solar system. You, earthlings, are free to choose your destiny, but without endangering or deciding the destiny of the other beings who want to exist and have realized what you don’t want to realize: "the justice, the peace and the universal love". That you won't ever have permission! We confirm that, in case of nuclear collision, our intervention would be predictable and with means which are unknown to you. Our diligent ambassador has given some fairly clear worthy sign already. We hope that it prevails the good sense fortified with prudence and wise responsibility.
Woodok and the brothers from the Cristal-Bell greet
Nicolosi, October 15, 1984
Eugenio Siragusa

Warning to the military and political leaders of the planet Earth.
Eight minutes of your time to immobilize, totally, all kinds of activity over your planet. This intervention should become immediately executive when an atomic conflict is verified between two or more powers.
We have so many times manifested that we control, actively and constantly, all structures containing in particular nuclear war potential.
Our presence is not visible, nor fathomable by your electronic instruments.
Our vigilance is not only to the super powers.
Our media, which seems science fiction to you, will become operating at the opportune time, if this is necessary.
Variations in the gravitation and change of the earth's magnetism would be the first means of dissuasion, followed by other and more convincing interventions: slackening of the cohesion force of the inorganic matter and conversion of the solar wind, waves of anomaly magnetism able to block, immediately, any kind of electro-magnetic circuit; total absorption of any type of energy.
This, our warning, doesn’t want to be a challenge and should not be considered as an interference for the domain or conquest of your planet, but should be understood as an act of love to prevent repetition of the same, enormous catastrophe that, in a remote time, cost the lives of millions of survivor beings on other planets, now reduced to inhospitable sites and deprived of life.
We know very well, how difficult it is to give credit to what we indicate you.
It is not unknown to us your subtle violence against us and against the mission of salvation which has been entrusted to us. It is not unknown to us, on the other hand, the persecutions that you contrive against those who are Messengers of our will, elected and illuminated by Supreme want of Avatar Christ who approximates to visit the Earth.
Still, once again, we invite you to be cautious because, as we have already told you: "there are no lambs for sacrifice".
Our tutelage over who has been invested by the Holy Spirit is always present charged with severe justice. The offsprings of God in mission on earth, in addition to be free from temptations, have the aureoles of Potency and Glory by will of the One who is.
Be attentive not to precipitate against the blood of the righteous, and not to repeat the mistakes of the past.
Pray, rather, for the light of justice, of love and peace to ferment in your hearts and in your souls for the glory of the Kingdom of God in the Earth.
Our peace and our love be your comfort and your hope.
From Spacecraft Cristall-Bell, Woodok and the brothers
From Spacecraft Olimpia, Maclero and the brothers
December 8th, 1979
Eugenio Siragusa.
The pleasure to kill and to be killed is growing
The pleasure to kill and be killed is growing.  HARBAR and all the other evils to which it is linked are growing more and more every day.
Divine Justice is giving clear signals. The four knights of the Apocalypse, fire, air, water and earth, gallop with more force to make humanity understand that God is tired and His repentance is still valid.

Eugenio Siragusa
September 29, 1993

My Spirit in anguish
My Spirit is in anguish for the vain sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to which his offer redemption has been despised and rejected, his mercy unappreciated!
My heart is suffering for what I see and hear of this mad, bloody, irresponsible generation, dumb and deaf to the calls of the Heavens' Powers; while they persevere in error and, once again, blindly offer their obedience to the evil one, the tempter, Satan Lucifer and to its Anti-Christy legion. Behold, the great battle is at an end; thus, comes the time that the Glorious Father shall issue His final sentence. After, the blessed ones shall inherit the paradise promised on Earth, all those who have served Him, for they "truly" know Him.

Eugenio Siragusa
Nicolosi, August 29, 1989 At 10:00 hs.

You pay attention, earthlings
You pay attention, earthlings.
The planet Earth could have the same end of Mallona planet. If the human science will continue to infect the cosmophisical equilibriums of the planet, it would become certain its
aggregate breakup. The clamp of the radioactive cinders makes more difficult the survival of this macrocosmic cell.
The symptoms are already evident, and not less serious than those that became in the irreversible process that disintegrated Mallona planet with the instant death of seven milliards of beings of your kind. Do you still want the planet to have the same end? If you desire to preserve the vitality of this generous cosmic creature that entertains your form and your substance, you must put the things into the correct place and you must avoid the fluster and must not upset and break the order in the macrocosmic equilibriums. You pay attention, earthlings, because your planet is seriously sick, as like it was sick and not attended the Mallona planet, crumbled by an aggregate burst.From heaven to earth
Through the messenger of the Celestial Powers,
Eugenio Siragusa
Nicolosi, 26/10/92 At 10:00 Hours
The egoism that kills the Earth
Thank to the modern science and to the advanced technology, the planet Earth has become an increasing deposit of radioactive cinders, a garbage heap of deadly poisons. Let's speak a little.
Certainly, not everybody wants to wash the hands like Pilate did. There are bold people that would prefer to have the necessary and safe life. There are many, who prefer to shake their shoulders to the highly rub of the nano-curies and of the undrinkable water. These prefer to dance with death and not with life; they want the superfluous because the necessary is not enough for them.
If for their sons tomorrow there would only be one chimera, a continual dream of nightmares and of desperations, it doesn't have importance to them. The usual answer is: "If they will see it, they will manage!”
Egoism overcomes each imagination. And meanwhile, the alive on planet Earth, slowly dies.
If you don’t wonder why, because you know it and also if you wash your hands, they will remain for always dirty, soaked of blood.
We have spoken a bit.
A friend of the man:
Eugenio Siragusa
Nicolosi, June 7, 1986

Terrestrials, you persist in persevering in error!
Prayers are useless if you don't put things into their right place. If you continue ignoring the petitions that you receive from the Heavenly Powers, executives of the holy will of the Omni creative Light, don't hope to survive the future catastrophes towards which you are headed. Within a short time the drama of survival of man of the planet Earth will begin, because of the poisons that impregnate everything that lives upon the planet. The pestilences and different calamities that your science without conscience builds will make life impossible on the planet which you inhabit. Now the drama of survival stands out. The many poisons which you swallow daily and which infest everything, bring on the disease "Harbar", (pestilence of the neurons of the brain) weakening the intelligence and the conscience, provoking insanities of all types. The coming year will be very, very sad for you, cowardly and faint-hearted terrestrials.Eugenio Siragusa
February 9, 1993

Sodom 2000
It has been said, written and transmitted:
SODOM 2000

More than AIDS, there is another calamity that threatens the young, and not only the young. It is a global calamity, saturated with very serious psycho-physical consequences. In the United States, one out of every five people are infested with venereal diseases, syphilis or that which produces degenerative sex, deprived of the most elemental sanitary controls. It circulates on the roads of the world, in Europe, Asia and Africa the situation is not less serious.
Many young people are hit with these deleterious infections, which, if not cured in time, cause lethal effects in the neurovegetative system and in the creative sperm.
There are many just born infants who appear ill life without a brain, eyes or psychically weak, physically deformed. The same tragic situation of Sodom and Gomorra is repeating itself. The facts are clear to everyone. What is done to stop it...?
Nothing! The indifference is total.

Eugenio Siragusa
May 20, 1993

The ancient disputes
Today is the time God has chosen. Today, again, the ancient disputes re-emerge among those who bring Testimony to the Heavens' Truth. Truly, the Father of Creation is not tolerant, and refuses such attitudes and tries whosoever perseveres in such errors.
Eugenio Siragusa
Nicolosi, July 29, 1989

The hope for good luck has begun!
he arm of Jesus-Christ will be heavy and the judgment of the Glorious Father will be severe. We have told you: "Don't expect mercy, those of you who have preferred to ignore the call to repentance!” After the death of the physical body, the judgment will be heavy. The law of beyond, dear terrestrials, is infallible and the effects of the causes built with harness of heart and negative states of mind can't be avoided. Then and only then you will understand what is the "second death". Then you will groan with a horrible suffering, but it will be too late. The debts contracted with the light of the Omni creative Intelligence will be paid!
Think well about what we have advised you, to avoid the holy wrath of that God in whom you believe and who has made you in His image and likeness. The hope for good luck has begun!

Eugenio SiragusaApril 2, 1993